Lake Thetis Thrombolites

Visiting the remarkable Thrombolites at the picturesque Lake Thetis is an opportunity not to be missed. An easy 1.5 kilometre walking loop around the lake. Lake Thetis is one of only five sites in Western Australia that features thrombolites which closely related to stromatolites - the oldest 'living' fossil in the world at 3.5 billion years old; thrombolites are believed to be over 3,000 years old.

Interpretive signage provides information about the fossils, geology, flora, fauna and Indigenous culture. The first 300m of boardwalk, which passes the best examples of thrombolites in the lake, is universally accessible. You will find the best examples of Stromatolites at the south western edge of the lake.

If you are feeling energetic and want to explore more of the region, a longer beach and bush walk trail is available. The walk stretches between Thirsty Point and Hansen Bay with a detour into Lake Thetis. Visit during wildflower season and you will be blessed with a stunning display of colour on your journey.

A visit to the area wouldn't be complete without a trip to the major tourist attraction of the region, the Pinnacles Desert. This extraordinary rock formation comprises of thousands of rocks rising up from the ground.

Lake Thetis is on the outskirts of Cervantes a comfortable three hour drive north of Perth. Ideally try and time your visit to be in the drier summer months for a better view of these extraordinary living fossils.

Hanson Bay Road, Cervantes, 6511
+61 8 9921 3999