Indigenous experiences

Australia's Coral Coast is home to much of Western Australia's Indigenous landscape. Be it Dreamtime stories, legends, Indigenous art or local culture, Australia's Coral Coast gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique and intriguing part of Australia's heritage.

Be inspired by the Wadjari community inMullewa, the Nanda people of Kalbarri and the Malgana tribe of Gathaagudu in Shark Bay. Learn about the local history, visit sacred sites, become an expert animal tracker or learn a local dialect.

For information about authentic Western Australian Indigenous Tourism experiences, visit the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators website.

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Wula Guda Nyinda
Location Children Allowed Accredited

Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Cultural Adventures

Tour Denham

$75.00 - $675.00
per person
38 Hartog Crescent
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Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures are regarded as the ultimate eco adventures in the magnificent Shark Bay World Heritage Area, offering guided bushwalking, 4wd tours,kayak adventures and snorkel tours.

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Throughout time, Indigenous communities have lived in harmony with the land and in fact, common belief is that people are intrinsically connected to the environment. There is an abundance of uncovered sites located along the Coral Coast with middens, camping places, water wells and scatterings of artefacts having been discovered.

Peron Peninsula, Cape Peron, Cape Rose,Monkey Mia,Eagle Bluff and many more sites are located up and down the region. In fact, collections have been made from artefacts found at Monkey Mia, Eagle Bluff and Silver Dollar (located just south of Denham).

Geraldton supports a proud Indigenous culture, offering the traveller a number of different ways in which to gain an insight into the lives, past and present, of the local people. You could start with the WA Museum Geraldton and acquire an historical perspective in the Mid West Gallery. Then take the Yamatji Cultural Trail. This tour will take you to sites at the Greenough River, Central Greenough and Ellendale Pool, all the while relaying stories from the Dreamtime through to the impact of European settlement and contemporary issues. Sample bushtucker and try your hand at boomerang throwing.

Yamatji arts and crafts

  • Yamatji Art Gallery at the Bill Sewell Complex, Geraldton
  • Blue Ochre Aboriginal Art Studio, Northampton

Contact the local visitor centres to find out more about Indigenous experiences on Western Australia's Coral Coast, or to book tours.

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