Meet the Monkey Mia Dolphins

Head for Monkey Mia Beach during feeding times and meet the dolphins that have put this beautiful seaside spot on the map.

The friendly pod of wild bottlenose dolphins regularly swim to Monkey Mia’s shore to interact with humans up to three times a day. This often occurs more frequently in the mornings, with feeding times occurring between 7.30am and 12 noon.

On average, seven or eight dolphins regularly visit the beach, with up to 20 other dolphins visiting only occasionally throughout the year. These occasional visitors stay offshore, preferring to keep a safe distance from human contact. It may take up to several years before they gain enough confidence to venture closer to shore.

Renowned as one of the best and most reliable places for dolphin interaction in the world, Monkey Mia is the only place in Australia where dolphins visit daily, not just seasonally. Researchers from across the globe come here to study these fascinating creatures.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) established Monkey Mia as a marine reserve in 1990. A designated interaction area was created to help protect the dolphins, while allowing selected visitors to feed them during designated feeding times. A small entry fee must be paid to enter the reserve, but the dolphin interaction is free.

There are usually three rangers on duty at any one time. As well as staffing the Monkey Mia Visitor Centre, they ensure the dolphins are approached in the correct manner. The ranger on duty will advise of feeding times and may hand out fish to selected people to feed the dolphins.

Check out the wide range of Monkey Mia tours available in the list below. Alternatively, visit the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre website for further information about the dolphins of Monkey Mia, feeding times, accommodation and tours.

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