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1. Explore the rugged canyons and gorges of the Cape Range National Park and Kalbarri National Parks, the only two places on earth the rare black footed rock wallabies can be found

2.Wander among thousands of unique golden limestone spires in the Pinnacles Desert

3. Enjoy the eco-accommodation, snorkelling and kayaking of Dirk Hartog Island

4. Stop at the world’s oldest living fossils (3.5 billion years), Hamelin Pool Stromatolites along the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive

5.Explore the Kennedy Range National Park and marvel at Honeycomb Gorge

6. Fly over or cruise the 122 chain of islands which make up the Houtman Abrolhos islands

7. Explore the Jurien Bay’s snorkelling trail – Australia’s first man-made snorkel reef

8. Catch a left-hand break at Jacques Point, one of two WA National Surfing Reserves

9. Take a picture at the iconic Nature’s Window and 400 million year old Eurypterid tracks at Z-Bend

10. Hike, canoe or abseil the gorges or lookout for humpback whales over the spectacular Kalbarri coastal cliffs 

Black footed rock wallaby Yardie Creek
Kalbarri National Surf Reserve WA
Honeycomb gorge

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