Australian sea lion encounters

Large colonies of Australian sea lions thrive on the Coral Coast of Western Australia (WA). It’s not uncommon to spot these cute creatures lazing in the sun on the beaches of the Jurien Bay Marine Park. But for a close encounter, take a boat tour from Jurien Bay or Green Head and watch them frolic in the wild. Sea Lions are often seen on the Abrolhos Islands - see them with the help of Geraldton operator, Eco Abrolhos.

It’s believed there are less than 12,000 Australian sea lions in the world. Found only in Western Australia (WA) and South Australia, they are the world’s rarest species of sea lion. Beagle Island, north of Leeman, is a breeding colony and home to the largest population of Australian sea lions in WA.

Watching guidelines must be followed at all times, even on guided tours. Maintain a good distance, do not land on an island occupied by sea lions, and never trying to touch them. The best way to interact with these captivating creatures is by taking an Australian sea lion viewing tour with a government-registered guide.


Video with thanks for Turquoise Safari tours (sea lion charters available in Jurien Bay)

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