Whale Watching & Interaction Tours

Whale watching tours on Western Australia's Coral Coast run every year from June to November, when humpback whales migrate between their summer breeding grounds and their winter feeding grounds.

New for 2016 and 2017, tourists will have the opportunity to swim with humpback whales in Exmouth and Coral Bay at the Ningaloo Marine Park, on Western Australia’s Coral Coast

The Ningaloo Marine Park, on Western Australia’s Coral Coast, plays host to a range of whale species, and on a whale watching tour you may be lucky enough to spot an orca, minke, blue whale. Humpback whales visit the park twice annually, in the autumn when they head north and in spring on their return journey.

During spring, the waters of the Exmouth Gulf are an ideal location to see the humpback whales playing and nursing their new born calves.

Whales are also frequently sighted in Shark Bay Marine Park on charter boat cruises or sometimes from coastal cliffs.

Kalbarri offers some of the best vantage points along the coastal cliffs at Natural Bridge, Eagle Gorge and Red Bluff. 

A great way to view these magnificent creatures during their annual migration along Western Australia’s Coral Coast is to join a whale watching tour from Cervantes, Jurien BayKalbarri, Denham, Coral Bay and Exmouth.

REGISTER for the Humpback Whale Interaction Tour

Now is the time to register your interest to Swim with a Humpback Whale in Coral Bay or Exmouth on the Ningaloo Reef in 2016!

As the humpback migration is a naturally occurring event, we anticipate the swim/tour season will commence from August 2016 but it could start earlier. By joining this subscriber list you will be the first to know!

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