Swim with Manta Rays

You can swim with manta rays all year round at Coral Bay on Western Australia’s Coral Coast. Like whale sharks, manta rays are filter feeders and have a large toothless mouth which they use like a sieve to scoop up plankton and krill. Their wingspans measure several metres, enabling them to swim at rapid speeds, occasionally leaping out of the water and landing with a slap.

Unlike stingrays, manta rays do not have a sharp barb, making them very safe to swim, snorkel or dive with.

Watch these majestic creatures glide elegantly and effortlessly through the water by joining a tour to swim with manta rays at Coral Bay. You may be lucky enough to see a group of males displaying their acrobatic skills, as they compete with each other for a female’s attention.

Many tours depart daily, all year round, from Coral Bay on Western Australia’s Coral Coast.

We recommend the following Manta Ray operators

- Ningaloo Marine Interactions
- Coral Bay EcoTours
- Ningaloo Reef Dive

What's it like swimming with the Manta Rays (video)?

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