Surfing and windsurfing

There's plenty of action on Western Australia's Coral Coast for the tourist with an appetite for water sports. With thousands of kilometres of coastline, year round winds and plenty of reefs, Australia's Coral Coast makes for one of the best surfing and wind surfing excursions you'll experience. No matter what your skill level, Australia's Coral Coast has many different surf spots to suit.

And with reliable wind conditions and one of the windiest cities in Australia (Geraldton) it’s easy to see why international windsurfers flock to the Australia's Coral Coast to experience the phenomenal waves and winds.

Surfing hotspots

Port Denison

  • Head Buts
  • Greenough Beach



  • Bowes River Mouth




  • Vlamingh Head (the bombie)
  • Dunes Beach

Surfing competitions

Flat Rocks hosts a round of the State Surfing Championships each year. For more information on surfing competitions visit the Surfing Australia website.

Windsurfing hotspots

Green Head


Port Denison

  • South Beach
  • Port Gregory


Shark Bay



Windsurfing Capital

Geraldton's consistent summer winds have earned the city the title of the country's windsurfing capital. Conditions are so ideal that hundreds of windsurfers and kitesurfers from across the globe descend on Geraldton each year to experience the thrill of the racing across the water on a sail or kite board.

Conditions are best during the summer months from around November to March when prevailing southerly sea breezes spice up the action.

Point Moore is renowned for its variety of conditions - from its protected bay to its outer reef and waves. Sunset Beach and its wave breaks are great for your more experienced windsurfers, while St Georges Beach is great for beginners. You can hire or buy all your windsurfing or kitesurfing equipment in Geraldton and also book lessons with a former national champion.

If you head down to Coronation beach you will hear it come alive with foreign languages. The Swiss, Germans and Italians make use of the camping ground at Coronation Beach to rest their heads at night before partaking in a day's action on the waves. With cross onshore winds, Coronation Beach is regarded as one of the world's best locations for wave jumping, providing a viewing spectacle for onlookers.  

Hint: Some tourists will bring their own windsurfing gear and others will buy it when they arrive and sell it when they leave, so you are guaranteed a bargain at the end of the season

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