Where to see wildflowers

Find out where the wildflowers are currently blooming at their best on the Coral Coast and which species you're likely to spot.

Australia’s Coral Coast features wildflowers all year round, however floral displays are at their best from July to October when inland areas explode into brilliant carpets of colour.

If you're keen to hit the road and explore the Coral Coast's wildflowers this year, be sure to have a look at our wildflower self-drive itineraries.

Read more information on wildflowers hotspots in Western Australia here.

Please note: this page is regularly updated with current wildflower information so be sure to check back regularly. Last updated: 22 Aug 2017. 

2017 Wildflower Sightings

Wildflower Country

    • Indian Ocean Drive - Head north from Perth and look out just before Cervantes to find "Grass Tree Valley" which is currently in flower.
    • Mount Lesueur National Park - Head inland from Jurien Bay to access this great park with a large variety of bush flowers. Driving along Cockleshell Gully Road, be careful of kangaroos which can be found actively inhabiting the gravel roads. Dense Smoke Bush, Cats Claw, Prickly Moses, Menzies Banksia, Propeller Banksia, Calectasia / Blue tinsel Lily/ Star of Bethlehem, Hibbertia sp, Hakia sp, Hovea sp, Isopogon sp, Thyptomine, Grevillea and many, many more. Looking spectacular. At Lesueur Walk Trail, Grass Trees are also in flower.
    • Badgingarra - The area between Eneabba and Badgingarra has been receiving enough rain for all the usual species to be coming out, notably the One Sided bottlebrush (Calothamnus quadrifidus) is out now at Hi Vallee Farm.
    • Western Flora Caravan Park on the Brand Highway - A hot spot for orchids which have started to flower with Snail, Hooded and Donkey orchids out now. Scarlet feather flower, Wattles, Kangaroo Paw and the Hakia honey bush now flowering. The caravan park offers a free walk for people staying at the park from 4:30pm. Contact Sandra or Ron 9955 2030 to book
    • Eneabba - This seems to be the year for Orchids in Enabba - the following have started to appear with Crinkle-leafed Bunny orchid, Arrowsmith orchid, Blue-Fairy orchid, some Greenhead orchid and Snail orchid.  See the sandplains of Eneabba turning into bush flowers due to the recent rains. There's lots of different species of birds to be sighted. Keep an eye out for Kangaroo paw, various Hakea, Yellow Myrtle bush, Droseras, budding Verticordia.

    Mid-West Wildflowers

      • Geraldton: Take a walk along the Chapman River to view flowers, birds and reptiles. Join a volunteer either Saturday or Sunday on a guided walk. Ask Visitor Centre staff for time and departure point.
      • Mullewa: Nothing in bloom at present
      • Tenindewa: Nothing in bloom at present
      • Pindar: Recent rains have the wreath flowers flowering nicely and they will only continue to improve. 10 kms north of Pindar on the unsealed Pindar-Beringarra Road. .
      • Canna: Still few dry, with a small number of orchids present. Camping welcome behind the fire station. 
      • Coalseam Conservation Park: Generally THE hotspot, with little rain, a few everlastings had germinated. Basic camping is available at the Miners Rest area.
      • Chapman Valley and Yuna:  No sightings
      • Mingenew and Three Springs: Nothing in bloom at present
      • Northampton: No sightings
      • Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs - Natural Bridge to Red Bluff: With great rainfall over the past few weeks beautiful blooms have occurred along the coast with Murchison Rose, Flannel Bush, Pink Thryptomene, Sandhill Grevillea, Large & Mat Cottonheads, Tailflower, Milk Maids, Guinea Flower all being sighted.
      • Kalbarri National Park: Kalbarri has a fairly long wildflower season with great variety, meaning that different plants flower at different times. With late (winter) and heavy rain at the beginning of July, wildflowers have started to appear in the area. Currently in flower are various types of Banksia as well as Smoke Bush, Bird Beak Hakea, Kondrung, White Candles, Showy Scholtzia, Claw flower, Showy Dryandra, Grass Trees, Purple Flag, Pink Fairy, Snail & Shell orchids, Spiders, Cowslips, Flying Duck and Hybrid orchids.

      Shark Bay World Heritage Area

      • Dirk Hartog Island: Shark Bay's famous Tamala Rose is in full bloom on the island. The aromatic Tamala rose is one of the region’s most showy species.
      • Denham: Red Sturt Desert Pea otherwise known as Marlu Guru in Malgana (Kanngaroo Eye) is currently flowering at Yadgalah Aboriginal Corporation on Francis Rd.


      • No sightings as yet


          • Cape Range National Park: Access the National Park via Exmouth to find some striking and unique flowers including Mulla Mulla, Red Sturt Desert Pea, Dampier Pea and Green Bird Flower.

          What's Blooming now?

            • Wreath leschenaultia (wreath flowers)
            • Murchison Rose (Kalbarri Rose)
            • Tamala Rose (Shark Bay Rose)
            • Smoke Bush
            • Donkey orchids and Green orchids
            • Golden wattles
            • various Banksia
            • Pom-pom
            • Pickly Moses
            • Calectasia / Blue tinsel Lily/ Star of Bethlehem
            • One-sided Bottlebrush
            •  Murchison Rose (Diplolaena grandiflora
            • Flannel Bush, (Solanum lasiophyllum)
            • Pink Thryptomene, (Thryptomene strongylophylla)
            • Sandhill Grevillea, (Grevillea commuata)
            • Large & Mat Cottonheads (Conostylis robusta & prolifera)
            • Tailflower (Anthocercis)
            • Milk Maids (Burchardia rosea)
            • Guinea Flower (Hibbertia scandens)
            • Bird Beak Hakea, (Hakea orthorrhyncha)
            • Kondrung (Astroloma serratifolium)
            • White Candles (Stackhousia monogyna)
            • Showy Scholtzia, (Scholtzia uberiflora)
            • Claw flower (Calothamus homalophyllus)
            • Showy Dryandra (Dryandra polycephala)
            • Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea)
            • Purple Flag (Patersonia accidentalis)

            Which Wildflower is that?

            Identify the flower with WildflowersWA
            WildflowersWA is a project designed to promote the beautiful colours and variations of wildflowers in Western Australia and provide a resource of information to improve the knowledge of our unique flora. Create an account to help you identify on the go in the flower fields.

            How to Travel the Wildflowers

            Jump on a day-trip Coach from Perth
            ADAMS Pinnacle Tours has escorted tours departing from Perth to the Pinnacles and Perth to Monkey Mia (extended stay). The company is now offering Wildflower day tours from Perth.

            Self-drive to the region then be guided to the flowers
            Join one of the escorted tours offered by Jurien Bay Adventure Tours (Lesueur National Park) or Geraldton Bus Tours (Mid-West Flowers) when you arrive in the region.

            Hire a camper and follow our wildflower trails
            RedSands Campers offer the highest quality 4WD campers to allow you to journey through all the very best spots that Australia's Coral Coast has to offer. With a depot in Perth and the two World Heritage listed areas of Shark Bay and Ningaloo Coast, wildflower travel has never been more approachable.

            Talk to a Local:

            Jurien Bay Visitors Centre
            Phone: 08 9652 0870

            Geraldton Visitor Centre
            Phone: 08 9956 6670

            Kalbarri Visitor Centre
            Phone: 1800 639 468

            Shark Bay World Heritage and Discovery Centre

            Phone: 08 9948 1590

            Carnarvon Visitor Centre
            Phone: 08 9941 1146

            Exmouth Visitor Centre

            Phone: 08 9949 1176

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