Gascoyne food and produce

Food doesn’t get any fresher than Carnarvon fresh. Many of the local growers sell seasonal fruit and vegetables direct from their farms. You can also visit some of the banana plantations and select from Western Australia’s best produce at the Carnarvon Growers' Market which is held every Saturday from mid-May to October.

The Gascoyne River is 865 kilometres long, making it the longest river in Western Australia. Perth's Swan River, in comparison, is about 72 kilometres long. Water supply comes from
aquifers (underground water systems) beneath and next to the Gascoyne River.

Thanks to fertile soils around the River there are many types of fruit and vegetables grown in the region contributing around AUD 100 million dollars worth of fresh produce. These include bananas, table grapes, tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers, avocados and mangoes.

Click on the Fruit and Vegetable seasonal calendar to see what's good to buy and when! When in Carnarvon, visit the weekly markets held every Saturday from mid-May to October in front of the Visitors Centre.

 Here's a few fun Carnarvon fruit and vegetable facts.

  • If you laid out a years supply of BANANAS end to end, they would extend from Perth to Carnarvon and back around 6 times
  • The beautiful warm climate of northern Western Australia produces hot CHILLIES – enough to make more than 1 million bottles of sweet chilli sauce
  • The region grows PUMPKINS weighing the equivalent of more than 900 male African elephants
  • You can fill more than 2 olympic sized swimming pools with BASIL pesto made from an annual BASIL harvest from the Gascoyne. Thats a lot of pesto!
  • You can make 10.5 million fritters with all the ZUCCHINI produced each year
  • All CAPSICUMS start off green but depending on variety and length of time on the vine will turn
    red, yellow or orange
Pick up a map from Carnarvon Visitor Centre or call on +61 8 9941 1146 to visit some great food locations throughout the region.
Carnarvon fruit and vegetable infographic
Western Australia Fruit Vegetables season calendar

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