Green Head

Green Head is a small, friendly coastal town north of Perth along the new Indian Ocean Drive. Its pristine beaches and laid-back lifestyle provide a relaxed holiday atmosphere as well as the home of a million-dollar rock lobster industry.

Green Head attractions

  • Indulge your passion for water sports
  • Enjoy a picnic amongst stunning flora and fauna in the Alexander Morrison National Park
  • Browse the Ocean Blue Gallery which is situated across from Dynamite Bay
Situated on a headland, Green Head's bays offer white sandy beaches where you can swim and snorkel, while offshore islands and reefs are perfect for fishing and scuba diving.

Fisherman's Island, south of Green Head is an Australian Sea Lion breeding colony, therefore access is restricted. Sea Lion viewing tours with government registered guides are available.

These secluded little bays offer peaceful retreats for people wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Dynamite Bay forms almost a perfect circle and offers safe protected swimming. South Bay is a long crescent, ideal for those who like the solitude of walking along a deserted beach.

During the cooler months, bushwalking is a popular past time. In town, try the trail between the jetty and Dynamite Bay or head out to the Lesueur National Park.

Alexander Morrison National Park is located along Coorow / Green Head Road and is well known for it's spectacular wildflowers during spring. It has an abundance of flora and fauna, and is a perfect spot for a bushwalk or picnic. It is especially noted for it's dryandras.

No matter what your choice of water sports, Green Head will cater for you. Surfers can enjoy a good reef break at Point Louise and when the breeze comes in, excellent wind surfing conditions are created both at Point Louise and Little Anchorage Bay. There's also a good chance you'll be able to catch your lunch fishing off the jetty, a protected concrete boat ramp is available by the main jetty.

The warm Leeuwin current from the north brings with it tropical sea life, which swims with temperate species. This creates a very diverse diving environment offshore. Hard and soft corals, along with sponges, cover the numerous limestone reefs. Seagrass meadows and the absence of rivers flowing into the sea allows for very healthy conditions for marine life.

Green Head accommodation

Search the list of Coral Coast accommodation for Green Head accommodation options, including self-contained holiday homes, hotels and bed and breakfasts.

For more information about Green Head accommodation and tours visit the Shire of Coorow Tourist Information website or call +61 8 9952 0100.

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