Chapman Valley

Chapman Valley WA is a charming agricultural region renowned for its fertile soils and beautiful landscapes. Drive through the region past rolling green hills, breakaway country, rivers and pristine coastline.

Just 20 minutes from Geraldton, Chapman Valley is also becoming something of a lifestyle choice for people wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. As such, a host of alternative industries are developing including vineyards, olive groves and aquaculture ventures.

Chapman Valley attractions

  • Explore the charming historic architecture in the town sites of Nanson and Nabawa. In Nanson visit Chapman Valley Historical Society, open Wednesdays 10am to 12pm and every fourth Sunday 2pm to 4pm. The Nanson hamlet includes a charming walk trail around the river's edge
  • Enjoy ultimate windsurfing conditions at Coronation Beach. With cross onshore winds, Coronation Beach is regarded as one of the world’s best locations for wave jumping
  • Photograph some of the 200 bird species that congregate in the Chapman Valley region. Ospreys at Coronation Beach, black swans and mountain ducks at Noondamurrs Pool or even the rare mallee fowl in Wandana Reserve east of Yuna
  • View the colourful wildflowers that spread over the Moresby Ranges during August through to October.  Alongside the wildflowers, golden canola crops make travel through the ranges a memorable experience
  • Visit Yuna and stop in at the tavern for a cold beer to soak up the country atmosphere
Visit the Geraldton Visitor Centre website for more information about accommodation and touring options throughout the Chapman Valley.

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