Top Ten Things to Do - Kalbarri Region

 Best Time to Visit: October or December - January

ROCK LOBSTERS FISHING: 15 November - 30 June

DEEP SEA FISHING BAN: 15 October - 15 December

  1. Walk above the Kalbarri National Park gorges on the NEW Skywalk, opening 2018.

  2. See pink! Photograph Port Gregory’s unique pink lake – Hutt Lagoon.

  3. Join a morning rock-lobster pot pulling tour and throw it on the BBQ for dinner.

  4. Visit WA’s most haunted house, Oakabella Homestead, and taste Loretta’s scones!

  5. Catch a left-hand break at Jacques Point, one of two WA National Surfing Reserves.

  6. Check out the historic buildings on Northampton’s Hampton Road Heritage Walk.

  7. Enjoy family time on a quad biking on Wagoe Beach or the Murchison River, or sand boarding tour.

  8. Look out over the spectacular coastal cliffs or snap a photo at Nature’s Window.

  9. 4WD along Horrocks Beach and Lucky Bay.

  10. Discover unique endemic orchids and other wildflowers during Spring all over Kalbarri.


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