Ningaloo Reef region

Ningaloo Reef region of Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is a dream come true for snorkellers and divers. Regarded as one of the last great ocean paradises on Earth, it is Australia’s largest fringing reef and lies just metres from the shore in many places, so you can snorkel straight off the beach. 

The Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area covers more than 600,000 hectares and includes the Ningaloo Marine Park, Cape Range National Park, the Bundegi and Jurabi Coastal Parks and the Muiron Islands Marine Management Area.

The world-famous Ningaloo Marine Park that protects the reef stretches 300 kilometres along Western Australia’s coast, from Bundegi Reef near Exmouth to Red Bluff located 140 kilometres north of Carnarvon.

Here you can dive and snorkel with a breathtaking array of tropical fish over coral gardens, relax on pristine secluded beaches and experience the incredible thrill of swimming with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.

It’s little wonder that visitors are drawn from all corners of the globe to the Ningaloo Reef region on Western Australia’s Coral Coast.

Ningaloo Reef by Brinkley Davies (Marine Biologist)

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