Western Australia’s underwater playground

Ningaloo, the largest fringing reef in Australia, sits just a stone’s throw from Exmouth on WA’s (Western Australia’s) Coral Coast, making it the must-see destination for keen divers and snorkellers.

Located on the eastern side of WA’s North West Cape, in Australia’s Ningaloo Reef region, the charming coastal town of Exmouth is a two and a half hour flight or a 15-hour drive north of Perth.

Here, the rugged gorges of Cape Range National Park give way to the pristine white beaches, clear blue waters and vibrant coral reefs of the Ningaloo Marine Park.

Exmouth diving and snorkelling

Hire equipment from local dive shops or join a Ningaloo Reef tour and experience everything from diving and drift snorkelling to kayaking and cruising in a glass-bottom boat.

For a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience on Australia’s Coral Coast, take a swim with the world's largest fish (which are harmless to humans), the whale shark. Check out the list of Exmouth whale shark tours, operating throughout WA’s whale shark season from mid March to late July.

Don’t miss the drift snorkel over the coral gardens of Turquoise Bay. See the diving and snorkelling pages for more details. Or why not camp at the remote Muiron Islands for the ultimate diving adventure, contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife to obtain a license.

Other Exmouth attractions

  • Join a glass-bottom boat tour and view the reef in comfort. Alternatively experience the reef from a sea kayak.
  • Try your luck at beach, reef or game fishing. Check out the region’s fishing spots and charters.
  • Discover the rugged beauty of Australia’s Cape Range National Park. Just 40 kilometres from Exmouth, it boasts some of the most spectacular gorges and canyons in WA, as well as amazing wildflowers, wildlife and 50 kilometres of pristine beaches.
  • Take a cruise along Yardie Creek, or join a four wheel drive safari tour of the Cape Range National Park. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the rare black footed rock wallaby.
  • Watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean from Vlaming Head Lighthouse.
  • Learn about Ningaloo turtles at Jurabi Turtle Centre.
  • Swim with the giant manta rays in Exmouth between June and November. 

Tours from Exmouth in WA

There is a huge variety of guided tours in and around this amazing region of WA. Search the list of Australia’s Coral Coast tours for Exmouth tour operators.

To find out more about things to see and do in this far north region of Australia’s Coral Coast, or to book accommodation and tours, visit the Exmouth Visitor Centre website or call +61 8 9949 1176.

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