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Celebrate the Festive Season, New Years Eve and Australia Day with Eco Abrolhos

by Suzanne Fisher | Dec 09, 2015

Looking for a unique way to start 2016? Why not spend it at the Abrolhos Islands!

Eco Abrolhos has developed a fly/cruise package for up to 38 people to spend New Years’ Eve at the Abrolhos Islands for a 2 day/2 night cruise at the Wallaby group of islands.

At $998 per person, your package includes all flights, accommodation, meals, activities & tours included.

Additionally there will be a live band entertainment on the boat’s Top Deck so you can party the night away on New Years Eve!

Activities include:

• Snorkel, kayak or dive on the wreck site of the Batavia.
• Visit the island of angry ghosts (Beacon Island) where 126 men, women and children were massacred by the blood thirsty mutineers over 400 years ago.
• Visit the forts built by Wiebbe Hayes and his band of solders on West Wallaby Island. The forts are said to be the first European buildings in Australian history
• Spot wallabies, lizards and thousands of birds inhabit Wallaby islands
• Snorkel or dive the Long Island Dive Trail, erected by the Fisheries Department. Which is a series of plaques on the sea bed that you read and follow, also picturing and naming the different species of fish and corals in the area.
• Snorkel easy to access large brain corals
• Anchor at Turtle Bay off East Wallaby Island to enjoy spectacular long sandy beaches with crystal clear water
• Turtle Bay is also a great for a snorkel and on the eastern point shuck oysters off the rocks and take a walk to the top of the cliffs, possibly catching a glimpse of the local wallabies and osprey.
• Dolphins frequent these waters at night and in the mornings, chasing fish!

Got plans for New Years already? What about a Christmas Sunset Cruise of Geraldton Marina!

Eco Abrolhos will also be operating sunset cruises around the Geraldton Marina in the lead up to Christmas.

Places are booking fast; at $55 per person which includes your meal, live band and the cruise (licenced bar, drinks available for purchase) - what a way to enjoy the festive season!

Christmas sunset cruise in Geraldton

Finally, one of most important days of the year - AUSTRALIA DAY!

Get on board the Eco for a great Aussie Barbie to celebrate Australia Day on Tuesday 26 January 2016.

Boarding at 5.00pm, depart at 5.30pm, the fireworks in the Geraldton are due to commence at 8pm with a return time to the Marina at 8.30pm.

Perfect way to experience this important day with friends or family; at $55pp for cruise, BBQ, various salads and dessert - the crew from Eco A will be awarding a prize for best dressed Aussie with live entertainment by band, Songbird. 

Licenced bar, drinks available for purchase. 

Cruise Geraldton Australia Day 2016



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