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Top 10 Geraldton attractions this Summer

by Suzanne Fisher | Dec 23, 2016


Geraldton is a 4.5hour drive north of Perth or a one-hour flight away and a great holiday destination for all travellers. It offers beautiful beaches to the west, rolling hills and breakaway ranges to the east, plenty of family-friendly attractions, great café culture, and a range of accommodation options. Geraldton is one of Australia’s top destinations for water sports enthusiasts, who visit from near and far especially during summer to make the most of the ideal conditions for sailing, diving, kite boarding and surfing. Don't forget to visit Dongara-Port Denison on your way north to Geraldton.

 Here's 10 great reasons to visit Geraldton this Summer:

 1. Visit 9 - 11 Febuary 2017 to be part of Funtavia, a regional Hub location as part of Perth's Fringe World Festival.
Funtavia Geraldton Fringe World Festival 
 2. Take a scenic day flight or treat yourself to a 5-day cruise to the Abrolhos Islands and immerse yourself in its unique beauty. If flying choose the Pink Lake fly-over option.
 Abrolhos Islands Richard Rossiter
 3. Explore the city’s by walking the new Street Art trail, pick up a guide at the Geraldton's Visitor Centre
 Geraldton Visitor Centre Marine Terrace
 4. Kids will LOVE the new Youth Precinct, full of climbing fun!
 Dan Avila Geraldton Youth Precinct Kids Playground
 5. Discover the city's fascinating historical architecture at the new Monsignor Hawes Centre and see St Francis Xavier Cathedral lit up at night - you'll think you're in Paris!
 Monsignor Hawes Centre Geraldton
 6. Drive 40 mins south to Dongara and catch a movie on a summer’s eve at the Dongara-Port Denison drive-in - Western Australia's oldest functioning outdoor cinema.
 Dongara Drive In Cinema Port Denison Movies
 7. Check out the NEW Abrolhos exhibit at the WA Museum Geraldton - From Great Depths - which includes a Virtual Reality Experience of Beacon Island.
 Dan Avila WA Musuem Geraldton
 8. Experience world-class beaches, perfect for windsurfing and kite boarding conditions particularly at Point Moore (Lighthouse) and Coronation Beach.
 Geraldton Visitor Centre - Point Moore Lighthouse
 9. Take a walk or drive trail – Heritage Trails, Greenough River Nature Walk Trail, Ellendale Pool (pictured), Yamaji Drive Trail, Chapman River Regional Park and more.
 Ellendale Pool Picnic Geraldton Greenough
 10. Enjoy a cold beer and slow-cooked meats at Chapman Valley's Burnt Barrel BREW-BQ
 Burnt Barrel BBQ Chapman Valley Beer Geraldton


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