Wildflower Itineraries

Western Australia's Coral Coast is wildflower country year round, however displays are at their best between July and October when inland areas are in full bloom and carpets of brilliant colour blanket the region.

What's in Bloom now?

To see what's currently in bloom and where visit our Where to see Wildflowers page which is regularly updated during the Wildflower season.

Follow a Wildflower Self-Guided Itinerary Trail

Wildflower Hotspots:

Coalseam Conservation Park
Discover a remarkable variety of flowering woody heath plants and carpets of pink, gold, cream and white everlastings.

Lesueur National Park

Mount Lesueur National Park is one of the most diverse and rich floral areas in the world and is home to almost 900 species.

Kalbarri National Park

From July until November, approximately 800 species of native flora progressively burst into bloom around Kalbarri and within the National Park.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Shark Bay has the longest wildflower season in Western Australia with over 700 species of flowering plants.

Cape Range National Park

Located within the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, the Cape Range National Park is home to 630 species of flowering plants.

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