Backpacking and working holidays

As most backpackers can testify, the backpacking experience is such a unique and individual journey that is remembered and treasured for the rest of your life. It is simply impossible to replicate!

Australia's Coral Coast provides the ultimate landscape in which to create your very own journey. The Coral Coast caters for those who seek not only the great outdoors, but also a combination of culture, adventure and relaxation.

With the Coral Coast's alluring weather and spectacular coastline, it is the ultimate year round destination. Take your time travelling up and down the coast to experience that 'off the beaten track' or 'wanderlust' encounter with the land that so many travellers do not have the time to do.

Unique experiences:

Backpacking accommodation and services are located throughout Australia's Coral Coast, and for those that don't have the luxury of private transport, local operators provide a range of jump-on jump-off transport options.

Working holidaymakers

For those wanting to work while you travel, Working Holiday Visa's are available upon application with the Australian Department of Immigration. Australia's Coral Coast provides a range of working opportunities, from hospitality and seasonal fruit picking to skilled worker positions such as nursing.

For information on working in Australia's Coral Coast and Western Australia, see the fact sheets on the Australian Department of Immigration website.

Additional resources:

Harvest Trail - extend your stay in Australia by spending at least three month doing seasonal work.
Go West Now - This government website provides information on living and working in Western Australia
Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) - sign up to do voluntary work, which offers some great perks.

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