ACC executive board

    The Australia's Coral Coast Board consists of a minimum of six elected members, two local government representatives plus a maximum of five additional members selected and co-opted by the Board. The Board appoints these members according to skill requirements identified. One elected member will come from the southern section, one will come from the central section and one from the northern section of the region.

    Board members

    Chair - Ross MacCulloch, Tourism Key

    Voting Members

    • Jackie Brooks (Elected Member), Ningaloo Lodge
    • Ross Dowling (Co-opted Member), Foundation Professor of Tourism, Edith Cowan University
    • Willie Hanniball (Elected Member), Oceanside Village
    • Ross Jones (Elected Member), Kalbarri Beach Resort
    • Edwina Shallcross (Elected Member), Bullara Station
    • Graeme Skeggs (Co-opted Member), ADAMS Coachlines
    • Rebecca Tuesley (Elected Member), Geraldton Visitor Centre
    • Kieran Wardle (Elected Member), Dirk Hartog Island

    Non-Voting Members

    • Steve Crawford (Ex Officio), Department of Parks and Wildlife 
    • Toni O'Donnell (Ex Officio), Tourism Western Australia
    • David O'Malley (Chief Executive Officer), Australia's Coral Coast

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