ACC executive board

    The Australia's Coral Coast Board consists of elected tourism industry and ACC members as well as members selected and co-opted by the Board. The Board appoints the co-opted members according to skill requirements identified.

    Board members

    Interim Chair - Jackie Brooks (Elected Member), Ningaloo Lodge

    Voting Members

    • Ross Dowling (Co-opted Member), Foundation Professor of Tourism, Edith Cowan University
    • Manny Papadoulis (Elected Member), Icon Tourism
    • Graeme Skeggs (Co-opted Member), ADAMS Coachlines
    • Rebecca Tuesley (Elected Member), Geraldton Visitor Centre
    • Kieran Wardle (Elected Member), Dirk Hartog Island

    Non-Voting Members

    • Steve Crawford (Ex Officio), Department of Parks and Wildlife 
    • David O'Malley (Chief Executive Officer), Australia's Coral Coast

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