Tourism Accreditation

    National Tourism Accreditation Program

    What does the tick mean? 
    Tourism Accreditation in Western Australia is an important initiative of the Tourism Council Western Australia. The 'tick' is intended to identify and develop quality, market-ready product and to ensure consistently high standards and a customer focused approach among all tourism operators, large and small. Tourism Council WA and Australia's Coral Coast see the program as an innovative method for operators to greatly increase their profile and reputation in the tourism market place. 

    When selecting a business with the 'tick', visitors are entitled to expect:
    Professional customer service
    Accuracy in advertising
    Sound environmental practices
    Compliances with health and safety standards
    An appropriately licensed and qualified operator
    Accredited operators have a commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct in all areas of their business. Australia's Coral Coast encourages members to consider becoming accredited. 

    For information on how to become accredited visit Tourism Council Western Australia's website.

    Additionally, your business can become accredited in specialty fields such as:

    Marine Tourism Accreditation - meeting WA Marine Tour Operators Best Practice Standards.

    CHINA READY® is a global accreditation system that identifies products and services that Chinese consumers can trust.

    EcoPlus Accreditation is for operators that demonstrate a level of environmental management over and above the requirements.

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