Badgingarra National Park is one of the most dazzling highlights among the largest collection of wildflowers on Earth. Between July and late September, after good winter rains, its dramatic breakaways and undulating sandplains are coloured with the blooms of Western Australia's most unique and rare species.

If you follow the Everlastings Wildflower Trail or Indian Ocean Drive north from Perth at this time of year, you’ll also get to encounter more of the state’s floral displays on the way to Badgingarra National Park. The drive takes just under three hours, but you might want to allow extra time for wildflower stops.

The best way to experience the park’s 13,108 hectares of wildflower wonders is by walking the 3.5 kilometre Badgingarra Nature Trail in the early morning or late afternoon. Keep your camera at the ready as you meander through the grass trees, banksias, kangaroo paws, mallee, mottlecah and verticordia as this habitat is also home to emus, kangaroos, reptiles, bustards and the majestic wedge-tailed eagle.

Grab a trail map from the Badgingarra Roadhouse.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on and


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Badgingarra National Park, Badgingarra, 6521, Australia