Each year over 30 passionate volunteers team from Latitude Jewellers head over to the Abrolhos Islands and clean up by collecting flotsam and jetsam during the "Clean Up Australia Day "weekend in March.

What's flotsam and jetsam? Flotsam is defined as debris in the water that was not deliberately thrown overboard, often as a result of a shipwreck or accident. Jetsam is debris that is deliberately thrown overboard by a crew of a ship in distress, most often to lighten the ship's load.

Items collected will include plastics, ropes, old pots, pot floats, wood and glass. Everyone is invited to collect their flotsam and jetsam and over the next few weeks, create their artwork. You can use glue, nails etc to bind and mould together, but the majority of the material, needs to be flotsam and jetsam.

Each year there is a theme, however, you will always have the freedom to create anything you like. This year we are paying homage to the Animal Kingdom.

On the 29 April the Opening Night takes place, where the category winners are announced. From the 30 April - 27 May, over 100 entries are proudly displayed in the showroom of Latitude Jewellers.

May 2023

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