The Greenough settlement is a historic village that has been beautifully preserved and captures the essence of life in the 1800's. A wonderful place to explore before you enjoy a spectacular night under the stars, looking through telescopes and hearing about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse.

Learn about the Total Solar Eclipse, discover why Western Australia is a world-class dark sky tourism destination and find out all about WA's amazing space science projects. View through telescopes and be amazed at a spectacular green laser pointer tour of Southern Hemisphere constellations.

This Eclipse Discovery Tour event is made possible by funding from Tourism WA, CSIRO, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Scitech and Curtin University.

The event is also supported by Astrotourism WA and 18 regional Local Governments, including the Shire of Three Springs.

The Eclipse Discovery Tour is a series of stargazing events around Western Australia, your world-class dark sky tourism destination and space science epicentre!

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Celebrating the Ningaloo Total Solar Eclipse in Western Australia!

April 2023

  • Friday 14th