From 1787, and for the first three decades of Australia’s history, rum was an unofficial form of tender in Australia. However, in 1808 the Governor of New South Wales, William Bligh, ordered that rum be made an ‘illegal tender’.

Our name and spirits pay tribute to that time in Australian history and our 230 year love affair with rum.

Our premium Australian rum and spirits are lovingly crafted by Head Distiller Codie Palmer, in small batches using only high quality Australian ingredients. We’re very proud of the international acclaim we’ve received so far with ten medals in less than two years.

We're passionate about producing the best spirits and rum we can and believe you can’t cut corners on quality. So, to make our award-winning smooth, premium Australian rum we use only dark brown cane sugar. This is unusual because it is a much more expensive ingredient. Most other rums are distilled from cheaper, sour and harsher tasting molasses.

From Illegal Tender Rum’s Spiced Spirits and Distillers Cut to our Illegal Tender Gift Sets, Illegal Tender Rum 3 pack, Gin, Abrolhos Gin, you will find everything you need here, whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift to someone else.

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