Yandanooka is a small town in Mid-West Western Australia, located 21 kilometres South of Mingenew. The town's name is aboriginal in origin and is thought to mean "plenty of hilly country insight". The first settler in the area was Thomas Whitfield in the 1850s, and a railway siding was created there on the Midland Railway when it opened in 1895.

By 1980 the school and general store had closed, and the siding closed to grain and then the facilities were removed. By 2010 all that remained of the townsite were the former general store, now a private residence, the town hall with adjoining CWA and children's playground, a small shed used by locals for mail receipt and the principal's house.

Yandanooka Hall is an excellent destination for telescope users. The location is RV friendly for self-contained vehicles and you're welcome to stay up to 72 hours. This means you can set up camp for several nights to enjoy stargazing from the recently installed stargazing pad and giant planisphere, then explore the local area during the day. The gravel area at Yandanooka Hall is wide open, and there is plenty of room to set up caravans and telescopic equipment.

Travel along Midlands Road, turn into Yandanooka North East Road, follow for approximately 400 metres, and find it directly on the first bend.


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Yandanooka North-East Road, Yandanooka, 6522, Australia