Monkey Mia

Meet Australia’s famous Monkey Mia dolphins

Best known as the home of the Monkey Mia dolphins, WA’s (Western Australia’s) Monkey Mia Reserve is a must-see for families and nature lovers alike. It’s located on the eastern shore of Peron Peninsula, about 23 kilometres from the town of Denham in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

The stars of Monkey Mia in WA

Famous for their almost daily ritual of swimming to shore to interact with humans, the dolphins of WA’s Monkey Mia attract thousands of visitors to Australia’s Shark Bay region every year.

As the bottlenose dolphins are wild, numbers and the exact time of their visit varies. However they usually visit the shore up to three times a day and more frequently in the mornings. Between four to seven dolphins visit for daily feedings, with up to 20 others visiting occasionally, often sighted in the bay with swimmers or on wildlife cruises.

Protected by WA’s Department of Parks and Environment (DPAW), the dolphins are well looked after. You may get the opportunity to feed the dolphins under the supervision of a national park ranger, though this privilege is not guaranteed. Access to the reserve is subject to a DPAW National Park fee.

You can also learn more about these fascinating creatures of Australia’s Coral Coast and purchase souvenirs at the Dolphin Information Centre, the proceeds of which support WA’s Monkey Mia Appeal Trust.

Other Monkey Mia attractions

  • Experience local marine life on a wildlife cruise
  • Get an Indigenous perspective on Shark Bay World Heritage Area on an authentic Indigenous tour
  • Take a camel trek along some of Australia’s most pristine beaches
  • Hire a kayak and explore Monkey Mia’s still waters
  • Join a four wheel drive tour of the Shark Bay region of WA

Monkey Mia tours

A range of tours are available, and many can be booked at the resort itself. From dolphin cruises and yacht charters to Indigenous cultural tours. Search the list of Monkey Mia tours.

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