Australia's Coral Coast is home to a number of marine parks and reserves, put in place and managed by the State government to protect our precious marine life and biodiversity. Learn more about our marine parks and what you can see and do below:

Jurien Bay Marine Park island

Jurien Bay Marine Park

Starting just under 2 hours' drive north of Perth, the Jurien Bay Marine Park is famously home to rare and inquisitive Australian sea lions.

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Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

Shark Bay Marine Park

Located within the UNESCO Shark Bay World Heritage Area and encompassing the Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve, the Shark Bay Marine Park is home to the world's most stable population of dugongs and oldest living lifeforms - the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites.

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Ningaloo Reef snorkelling

Ningaloo Marine Park

Located within the UNESCO Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, the Ningaloo Marine Park protects the area's coastal reserves, marine life and Ningaloo Reef - the world's largest fringing reef.

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Muiron Islands reef

Muiron Islands Management Area

The northernmost point of the Ningaloo Reef, the Muiron Islands Management Area is located off the northern coast of Exmouth and is home to world-class snorkelling and diving.

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