The charming seaside town of Denham was once a pearling town, and is today the gateway to the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

Denham is the main population centre of Shark Bay, and offers safe swimming beaches, restaurants, a golf course and the Monkey Mia Airport. There is also a range of accommodation options, including hotels, resorts, campsites and tourist parks.

Denham is an 8.5 hour drive north of Perth or a 2 hour flight with Regional Express Airlines.

Captain Henry Mangles Denham charted this region of Australia in 1858, about the HMS Herald, and gave the town his surname. Kids will love the shipwreck themed playground at Denham’s foreshore, with a nearby pontoon to jump off and swim around the bay. Add a flip-flop, jandal or holiday footwear to the “Thong Shack” – ask a local where it’s located on Denham beach.

The 5km Nicholson Point trail meanders from Denham across shrub lands to Little Lagoon and offers a large range of plant species and bird life. Denham’s Discovery Trail will take you past sites of interest in town, covering 2.3km.

The shallow waters and summer winds make Shark Bay the ideal place for kite-surfing for beginners and experts alike. Book a lesson or join a kite surfing safari, departing from Denham. Divers are spoilt for choice in Shark Bay. The jewel in the crown has to be a day at Steep Point exploring Monkey Rock. The crystal waters of Dirk Hartog Island offer excellent snorkelling conditions.

Boating, diving, snorkelling, watching marine life, fishing (outside sanctuary zones), windsurfing and swimming are popular experiences available from Denham and there are numerous boat ramps.

Self-drive routes, cruises and tours from Denham will take you to some of Australia’s most amazing natural wonders, including WA’s famous Monkey Mia dolphins, Hamelin Pool stromatolites, Steep Point, Shell Beach, Dirk Hartog Island and Francois Peron National Park.

Shark Bay’s Ocean Park Aquarium not only protects rescued turtles, sharks and fish, but allows visitors to meet them up close. Guided tours with marine scientists are offered continuously throughout the day, or simply a meal at Oceans Restaurant overlooking Tinkerbell Flats.

Just 20km south of Denham is Eagle Bluff, a scenic viewpoint featuring a 100m walkway along the ridge of a cliff face. The ocean views from this vantage point are breathtaking, with turtles, rays and large fish to be seen in the shallow waters below. Finish off your day with a visit at sunset for an extraordinary experience.

Hydrogen power

Renewable hydrogen will help to power Denham, in an Australian-first trial. Electricity generated from the town's solar farm will be converted into hydrogen, which will power a fuel cell capable of generating electricity for 100 homes, or 20% of the town's power demand. It is expected that this renewable hydrogen will reduce the town's use of diesel by 140,000 litres per year. The project is being delivered by a partnership between Horizon Power and Hybrid Systems Australia, and is expected to be fully operational in early 2023.

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