Badgingarra is renowned for its incredibly diverse bushland that comes ablaze with brilliant wildflowers during late winter and spring.

The town of Badgingarra is a small yet vibrant farming community situated north of Dandaragan along the Brand Highway, at the edge of the Badgingarra National Park.

Walks and hikes

Badgingarra has numerous nature trails of varying lengths of difficulties to suit heritage, wildlife and wildflower lovers.

The Vern Westbrook Wail is a heritage and wildflower trail located within Phoebe's Reserve on North West Road, 3.5km off the Brand Highway (between the original Badgingarra town site and the current town centre). The area is rich with unique biodiversity and signposts line the walk, sharing information about local flora and fauna and history as the trail encounters bridges, seasonal wildflowers, heritage sites and community art. The trail consists of three sections: section one is an easy 1.65km walk; section two is a moderate 1.25km walk ascending to the base of a breakaway; and section three is a challenging 800m hike to the top of the breakaway. Along this trail you can also learn about the history of the 70-million-year-old Yallalie Meteorite Impact Zone. The trail also features small, quirky sculptures that have been created by local students from various scrap materials.

The Iain Wilson Nature Trail, formerly known as the Badgingarra Nature Trail, is a 3.5km trail within the protected Badgingarra National Park. The walk is incredible in spring when the bushland is bursting with colour. The trail features many species of wildflowers, including Badgingarra's emblem, the black kangaroo paw, and is home to numerous reptiles, emus, kangaroos. A variety of birdlife, including bustards and wedge-tail eagles, also reside in the National Park. The main 2km trail offers multiple opportunities to view surrounding landscape and wildflowers, while a 1.5km detour features a steep climb that leads to an incredible lookout atop the hill.

Jingemia Cave and Watheroo National Park

The Jingemia Cave, located within Watheroo National Park. translates to "Devil's Hole" - once you are within Watheroo National Park, you'll underestand why! The cave is tucked away among rocky outcrops and almost looks like a sinkhole. The cave is a short grade 3 walk from the carpark and is easy to view from a picnic shelter area located next to its opening, however entry is not permitted or advised due to the very steep climb in and out.

Watheroo National Park itself covers 44,324 hectares of sandplain and is a popular spot for wildflower viewing.

Badgingarra Art Trail

The Badgingarra Art Trail is a community-led walk/cycle trail covering a distance of 4.2km. Starting opposite the Badgingarra Community Centre and finishing at the Vern Westbrook Walk, the trail features metal and timber sculptures which have been designed by hand to represent the diversity of the Badgingarra community. The sculptures were created by artist Natalie Tonkin and the local community.