The Eneabba sandplain is part of a world-renowned biodiversity hotspot.

The sandplain supports native vegetation known as kwongan - the Aboriginal word for low, hard scrub and heathland. Kwongan of the Eneabba region is extremely diverse and includes many species, a large percentage of which are endemic to the region.

Wildlfower Viewing

Western Flora Caravan and Tourist Park is renowned as an ideal wildflower viewing area with a great number of individual species growing natively on the property, ready for you to explore via the walking trails. There is plenty of space for kids to play with resident kangaroos, and guided wildflower walks take place during wildflower season.


Lake Logue and Lake Indoon are both located a short drive west of Eneabba, on the other side of the Brand Highway to the town. Lake Logue is a large seasonal freshwater lake with an abundance of wildlife and bird life. The lake is accessible along a 35km track with varying conditions, from knee-deep sand and mud flats to rocky ridges, that is suitable for 4WD vehicles only.

Lake Indoon is another large freshwater late, which is ideal for water skiing, barbecues, picnics and camping. Facilities include gas barbecues, toilets and hot water facilities. Visitors can enjoy a day on the water before taking advantage of the free campsite and spending the night beneath the stars.

National Parks and Reserves

Tathra National Park lies 20 minutes' drive east of Eneabba on the Carnamah-Eneabba Road, and is most spectacular during wildflower season. Tathra is the Nyungar word for 'a beautiful place', and is a fitting name for this beautiful National Park.

Approximately 20km west of Eneabba, just inland of the Indian Ocean Drive, is Beekeepers Nature Reserve. The Reserve is a small area with a great variety of wildflowers in bloom during season.

Stockyard Gully National Park is also a short drive from Eneabba, but is best accessed from the south (via Cockleshell Gully Road) as the northern access off the Carnamah-Eneabba Road (next to Lake Indoon) is more challenging and track conditions can be unpredictable. Stockyard Gully is accessible by 4WD only.