The water surrounding the uninhabited Muiron and Sunday Islands is teeming with marine life.

The Muiron (pronounced 'Myoo-ron’) - north and south - and Sunday Islands are found approximately 15 kilometres (or 9.8 nautical miles) off the North West Cape. Amazing corals, a huge variety of fish, manta rays, great dives along coral walls, channels and caves, all make the Muirons well worth a visit. Top spots are

  • The Cod Spot - found on South Muiron, is incredible diving where you will not only see Large Potato Cod but is also a cleaning station for Manta Rays.
  • The Keyhole - a 'swim through' dive channel with many overhangs in shapes of windows and keyholes, there is many impressive coral shelves and plates to weave around.
  • The Gap - found between North & South Muiron Islands is a drift dive, where divers will see colourful corals (both hard and soft) as well as sponges and of course - fish, turtles, nurse sharks and more.

With great coral bommies and protected reef, the Muirons also offer world-class diving. Dive and snorkelling tours to the Muiron Islands operate out of Exmouth. Visibility at the Muiron islands can range between 5-20m depending on weather conditions and also how much food (plankton) in the water.

Visit the islands for the day with Exmouth Diving Centre or Dive Ningaloo, where you can snorkel or dive these pristine Ningaloo waters. En route you may see dolphins, pilot whales, dugongs, humpback whales (during the migration season), turtles and other wildlife.