Jurien Bay Marine Park stretches south along pristine coastline from Green Head to Wedge Island, at the southern boundary of Nambung National Park.

Starting just under 200km north of Perth, the Marine Park encompasses many of the islands located along this stretch of coast, with excellent fishing, diving, snorkelling and swimming, and is a popular place for anyone who loves water-based fun. Jurien Bay Marine Park is also home to large colonies of rare Australian sea lions, along with seals, dolphins, seabirds, western rock lobsters and a huge variety of fish. Dedicated sea lion interaction tours depart from Cervantes and Jurien Bay. Migrating humpback whales can also be spotted in the marine park as they make their way south along Western Australia's coastline between late-July and November each year.

A section of the Park is a sanctuary but fishing, swimming and diving are allowed in the majority of area, and the number of small islands scattered throughout the marine park can be explored by boating, kayaking and snorkelling, however people are reminded to be mindful of approaching and interacting with wildlife and should keep a respectful distance at all times. The marine park is managed by Parks and Wildlife in partnership with the local community. The town of Jurien Bay boasts a modern boat harbour and supports a large scale cray fishing industry. Accessible all year.