Getting to Western Australia:

There are regular flights to Perth Airport (Western Australia's capital city) from major international hubs and interstate cities. These flights connect with intrastate flights to major towns within Western Australia’s Coral Coast. Find out more about travelling to Western Australia.

International Flights into Perth are operated by the following international airlines:

Getting to the Coral Coast once you're in Western Australia:

The Coral Coast starts 2 hours north of Perth and is easily accessible by road.

Alternatively, Qantas offers flights to Exmouth (Learmonth Airport) and Geraldton. Regional Express (REX) offers flights to Monkey Mia and Carnarvon. Nexus Airlines offer daily flights to Geraldton.

Airport Transfers

Perth Airport

Learmonth Airport (Exmouth and Coral Bay)

Monkey Mia

Travelling around the Region:

By road:

The region is tied together by one world-class road trip, the 1,250km Coral Coast Highway between Perth and Exmouth. Excellent road conditions make it easy for those wanting to travel around Western Australia’s Coral Coast at their own pace.

Perth City is connected to the region via the Indian Ocean Drive, Brand Highway and Midlands Road - all of which converge into the Brand Highway at Dongara-Port Denison and lead you north to Geraldton. The North West Coastal Highway joins Geraldton in the south to Carnarvon in the north, with good sealed roads leading off the highway to coastal and country towns, such as Kalbarri and Shark Bay. The Minilya-Exmouth Road turns off from the North West Coastal Highway and leads you to Coral Bay and Exmouth.

Please note that travel times and distances between towns, attractions and roadhouse facilities can be long, especially in the north of the region, so it's important to bear this in mind and plan your trip before you hit the open road. The times and distances shown in our chart below are based on main roads. In some areas, there are alternative routes using unsurfaced roads for four-wheel-drive (4WD) tracks. We recommend that you check with local visitor centres for current road information.

Accessing the Coral Coast by road from Perth City

Get onto Mitchell Freeway and head north for 28 kilometres towards Joondalup. Take the exit toward Burns Beach Rd, turn right and follow for 2.1 kilometres. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Joondalup Drive. In 900 metres take a slight left at Wanneroo Rd, and continue heading north. Wanneroo Road will change into Lancelin Road which will then change into the Indian Ocean Drive. This will take you via the Pinnacles Desert to Cervantes.

Accessing the Coral Coast by road from Perth Airport

From the airport, make your way to Tonkin Hwy and head northeast on Tonkin Hwy for 13.9 kilometres. Take the exit ramp to Roe Hwy, turn right at Roe Hwy and follow for 16.3 kilometres. Make a sharp right at Middle Swan Rd and then a slight left to merge onto Great Northern Hwy. Continue north for 14.4 kilometres and turn left to stay on Great Northern Hwy. Turn left at the Brand Hwy and follow this north for 138 kilometres. Here you will see the sign for Bibby Road where you can head west towards Cervantes and the Pinnacles Desert, or continue north towards Geraldton, Kalbarri, Shark Bay and Exmouth.

Hire cars are available in all major towns throughout the Coral Coast and a full range of rental vehicles, ranging from motor homes to four-wheel-drives (4WDs), are available in Perth.

Western Australia's Road Safety Commission provides 'A Guide to Driving on WA Roads'. This resource is available in nine languages – English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Malay, and is a free A5-sized guide that provides helpful information about Western Australian road rules and tips for driving in urban and regional areas.

Further information on WA roads is available from Main Roads Western Australia.

By coach:

Integrity Tours (Perth - Exmouth) and TransWA (Perth - Geraldton) operate regular coach services for those wishing to travel along the Coral Coast by coach.

By 4WD campervan:

RedSands Campers and 4xploring Rentals hire 4WD campervans for those wishing to travel around the Coral Coast by camper, especially to hard to 4WD (only) locations such as Steep Point, Dirk Hartog Island, Francois Peron National Park and Kennedy Range National Park. If you’re keen to venture off the beaten track and travel around Western Australia’s Coral Coast in four-wheel drive mode, there are also a number of challenging tracks crossing coastal sand dunes and rugged bushland.

By guided tour:

A range of packaged tours are available, ranging from four-wheel drive adventures to luxury coach tours. Search Coral Coast tours to find out more.

Fuel Up & Charge Up:

We highly recommend tracking your fuel and stopping when possible. Food and fuel can generally be found every 100 - 300km, but LPG Gas and Electric charge stations are not available in all areas. EV (electric vehicle) charging stations can be found along the Coral Coast Highway below:

Updated as of the 7th November 2023

Indian Ocean Drive:

Pinnacles Edge Resort 7 Aragon Street, Cervantes, WA 6511, AustraliaTesla Model S / Model X
Ampol Jurien Bay131 Bashford St, Jurien Bay WA 6516, Australia
WA EV Network - Jurien Bay24 Bashford Street, Jurien Bay 6516, Australia
Mennekes (Type 2), 2 CCS DCFCs
Jurien Bay Tourist Park 1 Roberts Rd, Jurien Bay, Australia, WA 6516Tesla Model S / Model X, Caravan Mains Socket
Dongara Tourist Park 8 George St, Port Denison WA 6525Caravan Mains Socket
Dongara Hotel30 Moreton Terrace, Dongara WA 6525, Australia
4 Mennekes (Type 2)s

Wildflower Country:

Badgingarra OvalMeagher Drive, Badgingarra WA 6521, Australia
Three Phase 32A
Mingenew Sports OvalMingenew Turf Club, Mingenew WA 6522, Australia
Three Phase 32A
Three Springs Community Hall57 Carter St, Three Springs WA 6519, Australia
Three Phase 32A
Carnamah Caravan Park2 Niven Crescent, Carnamah WA 6517, Australia
Wall Outlet (3112), Caravan Mains Socket
Mullewa Caravan Park 17–19 Lovers Lane Mullewa WA 6630 Australia
Wall Outlet (3112), Caravan Mains Socket


Geraldton's Ocean West1 Hadda Way, Mahomets Flats WA 6530, Australia
2 Tesla Model S / Model Xs, Three Phase 32A
Belair Lifestyle Village463 Marine Terrace, West End WA 6530, Australia
Tesla Model S / Model X
178 Connell Rd Building178 Connell Rd, West End WA 6530, Australia
WA EV Network - Geraldton 31 Foreshore Dr, Geraldton WA 6530, Australia
The Gerald Apartment Hotel 25 Cathedral Ave, Geraldton WA 6530, Australia
2 Tesla Model S / Model Xs
Sunset Beach Holiday ParkBIG4 Sunset Beach Holiday Park, 4 Bosley St, Sunset Beach WA 6530, Australia
Wall Outlet (3112)
Drummond Cove Holiday Park1633 N W Coastal Hwy, Buller WA 6532, Australia
EV Plug (J1772)


Horrocks Community Centre6 Glance Cove, Horrocks‎ WA‎ 6535, Australia
Three Phase 32A
WA EV Network - Northampton202 Hampton Rd, Northampton WA 6535, Australia
Mennekes (Type 2), 2 CCS DCFCs
Shire of Northampton - RAL HallLot 123 Hampton Road, Northampton, WA, Australia, WA 6535
Tesla Model S / Model X, Mennekes (Type 2), Three Phase 32A
Kalbarri Visitor CentreLot 836 Grey Street, Kalbarri, WA, Australia, WA 6536
Tesla Model S / Model X, Three Phase 32A
Tasman Holiday Parks - Kalbarri92 Grey St, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia
Lot 836 Grey Street, Kalbarri, WA, Australia, WA 6536

Shark Bay:

Hamelin Pool Caravan ParkHFR7+73 Hamelin Pool WA, AustraliaCaravan Mains Socket
Billabong Road HouseLot 3 N W Coastal Hwy, Meadow WA 6530, AustraliaTesla Model S / Model X, Wall Outlet (3112), Three Phase 32A
Overlander RoadhouseNorth West Coastal Highway, Hamelin Pool WA 6532Caravan Mains Socket
Ocean Park Aquarium1 Ocean Park Rd, Shark Bay WA 6537, AustraliaTesla Model S / Model X
Blue Dolphin Caravan Park9 Denham Rd, Denham WA 6537, AustraliaWall Outlet (3112)
Shark Bay Caravan Park6 Spaven Way, Denham WA 6537Caravan Mains Socket
Wildsights Villas8 Durlacher St, Denham WA 6537, AustraliaWall Outlet (3112)
WA EV ‘Chargefox’44 Barnard St, Denham WA 65372 CCS DCFCs
Denham Seaside CP1 Stella Rowley Drive, Denham, WA, 6537Wall Outlet (3112)
RAC Monkey Mia Resort1 Monkey Mia Rd, Monkey Mia WA 6537, Australia2 Mennekes (Type 2)s


Wooramel RoadhouseLOT 1 N W Coastal Hwy, Wooramel WA 6701, Australia
Wall Outlet (3112), Caravan Mains Socket
Carnarvon Visitor CentreWoolshed/1 Camel Ln, Carnarvon WA 6701, Australia
Mennekes (Type 2), 2 CCS DCFCs
Carnarvon Motel34 David Brand Dr, Brockman WA 6701, Australia
2 Tesla Model S / Model Xs, 2 Three Phase 32As
Outback Oasis Caravan Park49 Wise St, East Carnarvon WA 6701, Australia
Caravan Mains Socket
Big4 Plantation Caravan Park589 Robinson St, Carnarvon WA 6701
Caravan Mains Socket
Minilya Bridge RoadhouseNorth West Coastal Highway, Minilya WA 6701, Australia
Wall Outlet (3112
RAC Ningaloo Resort Coral Bay1 Robinson St, Coral Bay WA 6701, Australia
Wall Outlet (3112), Three Phase 32A
Ningaloo Aquarium & Discovery Centre2 Truscott Cres, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia
Onslow Beach ResortCnr Second Avenue &, Third St, Onslow WA 6710, Australia
Wall Outlet (3112)

Important Driving Tips:

Excellent main road conditions make it easy for those wanting to travel around Western Australia’s Coral Coast at their own pace, however, conditions can vary and we encourage you to take note of a few road safety and travel tips to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Drive on the Left:

In Australia, cars travel on the left of the road and speed is in kilometres (km) per hour. When overtaking, make sure you have a clear view of oncoming traffic and use your indicator to signal your intentions to other drivers.

Road conditions:

Never drive tired – fatigue kills. Heavy rainfall can make some roads and tracks impassable, so check road conditions before departure with local shire offices or Main Roads WA. Some roads are unsealed, so beware of loose gravel and dust obscuring your vision. A reminder that if you have hired a car, most two-wheel hire cars cannot enter unsealed roads due to insurance.

Driving restrictions:

Please note it is illegal to drive in Australia with a blood alcohol reading over 0.05. A zero tolerance policy applies to probationary and learner drivers. It is also illegal for drivers to use a hand-held phone while driving. Heavy penalties apply.

Animals on the road:

Be wary of animals on or near the road. Kangaroos are prevalent, especially in the early morning and evening. Emus are unpredictable and often travel in groups. Livestock occasionally ventures onto roads at night and can be hard to see.

Road Trains:

When travelling through the Coral Coast, you’re bound to come across road trains or extra-large trucks spanning around 60m in length. Only overtake if you can see clearly ahead, and be cautious that dust and stones can flick up on unsealed roads.

Watch Out for Wildlife:

Particularly at dawn and dusk - make sure you’re extra vigilant when driving. It is not uncommon to encounter wildlife such as kangaroos and emus, or stock such as cows and sheep wandering the road. Numerous cattle stations are unfenced, but if you do come across a gated road, be sure to leave the gate as you found it.

Stock Up:

Bring plenty of water and a comprehensive first aid kit. Invest in a strong insect repellent, and protect yourself from mosquitoes by covering up, especially at dusk and dawn. A netted hat could prove useful - these can often be purchased at fuel stations or visitor centres.

Other road users:

Be mindful of other road users, particularly large trucks with up to four trailers attached. Always leave at least 200 metres between vehicles in a convoy to allow large trucks to pass and only overtake if the road is clear and visible for at least one kilometre ahead. If towing do not exceed 90 kilometres per hour.

Be Prepared:

Ensure that your vehicle is in sound condition, and that you have enough fuel to get to the next service station. Pack a spare tyre and basic first aid kit, especially if you intend on exploring off-road areas.

If your vehicle breaks down or becomes bogged, stay with the vehicle. A car is easier to spot in the event of a search.