Everything you need to know about holidaying with pets in the Coral Coast

Planning a holiday but can't bear the thought of leaving your fur-baby at home? There are plenty of places within the Coral Coast that are pet-friendly, including accommodation, tours, cafes and restaurants. Here are some of the pet-friendly businesses who'd love to welcome you and your four-legged friend.

We also recommend checking out our ultimate guide to travelling with your pet in Australia's Coral Coast, so you can plan a seamless, stress-free holiday with your furry friend.

Pet-Friendly Accomodation

Eat and Drink

Tours & Attractions

Pets and National Parks

Western Australia's national parks are highly prized, with two Coral Coast areas also recognised as UNESCO World Heritage sites, providing a range of experiences for visitors and locals alike. As much as we love our domestic pets, there is a chance they will harm native animals and they are therfore not permitted in national parks (with a few exceptions). Here are some other reasons why they're not permitted:

  • Poisonous baits (1080) are often laid to control foxes; these are fatal to domestic animals.
  • If threatened, kangaroos and goanas may defend themselves and cause injury to domestic animals.
  • The sight, sounds and smells of pets can cause native animals great stress. It may even cause them to leave their homes and young unprotected.
  • It is an offence (penalties will apply) to bring a domestic animal into a national park.

The exceptions to the above are:

  • Certified trained and assistance animals, which are permitted into national parks.
  • Animals travelling in a boat within a marine park. However, your pet must not enter or exit the boat within a marine park or nature reserve and must stay onboard at all times.

Dog Friendly Beaches

Australia's Coral Coast is home to some of the best beaches in the world but unfortunately not all of them are dog friendly. Use this handy list below to plan your Coral Coast holiday and be sure to always refer to the signs. If you're not sure, give the local visitor centre a call and they can assist.

Indian Ocean Drive

  • All beaches within the townsites of Jurien Bay and Cervantes are pet-friendly but require dogs to be on a lead.
  • There are 'off-lead' exercise areas in Jurien Bay at Breakwater Drive north of the marina and south of Jurien Bay at Shingle Avenue.
  • Cervantes 'off-lead' areas are north of Green Street and at Hansen Bay, south of the town centre.


  • Pet-friendly beaches and river areas in the Kalbarri region include from Wittecarra Creek on Red Bluff Beach north, all the way to Siphons beach (off Siphon Road)
  • Back Beach is pet-friendly however dogs must be on a lead at all times.
  • The beach and grass areas along the River Foreshore either side of the IGA carpark (south of the commercial jetty to the area opposite Coles Street) are all pet-friendly areas as well as the Kalbarri Town Oval.
  • Please note pets are not allowed at the pelican feeding area between 8.00am and 9.30am daily or in Kalbarri National Park (pets cannot be kept in the car whilst visiting these locations).


  • All pet-friendly beaches in Exmouth include Bundegi Beach, Town Beach and any beaches on the easter side of the Peninsula.
  • Cape Range National Park is strictly no pets and majority of the northen beaches are haviliy baited so we don't advise dog owners to take pets anywhere on the western side.