Coorow is a charming inland farming town. Remnants of the area's farming history are still evident today, amid beautiful gardens and thriving wildflowers.

The town's first settlers raised sheep and horses,


The historic Coorow Farm is a wildflower hotspot, home to a stunning array of seasonal everlastings, pink fairy orchids and other wildflowers along the 1.2km Bart Mailey Memorial Walk Trail. The wildflower season typically takes place from late winter throughout spring. Not keen on walking? The Coorow Farm also includes a wildflower drive that is suitable for small cars to caravans.

The Alexander Morrison National Park similarly boasts beautiful wildflower displays. The park consists of low scrub on undulating sandplain hills, interspersed with small streams across the landscape. Tall eucalypts house heathland birds, making for beautiful, shady picnic locations.


Head to the Touche Road Lakes for incredible stargazing opportunities. Touche Road is a local gravel road heading north west out of town, and you'll come across the lake system approximately 8km along the road. From here, there are various locations from which to access a variety of outlooks across the salt lakes. In winter, water reflects the beautiful Milky Way. In summer, the salt basins create a stark landscape framed by the night seky. There are remains of old fences aross some of the lakes, which make an interesting addition to images.

Milligan Island Campnig Node

Milligan Island, located within the Shire of Coorow between the coastal towns of Green Head and Leeman, is the only 'nature based' short term camping site (maximum 48 hours) within the shire. Nestled behind a dune among natural vegetation, just a short walk to a secluded beach, this eco camping site is perfect for the RV or self-contained tourist. A shallow reef lies a short distance from the calm beach and is an ideal fishing spot, dotted with a series of small rocky islands.