Jurien Bay is home to one of the main breeding grounds for the rare Australian Sea Lion.

To get up close to inquisitive wild Australian sea lions, head to Jurien Bay, approximately 2.5 hours' drive north of Perth. One of their main breeding grounds can be found offshore, in the Jurien Bay Marine Park, with dedicated sea lion cruises taking you to find these playful creatures.

The Australian sea lion is the world's rarest species - it's estimated that less than 12,000 remain along the country's southern coastline - and one of their main breeding grounds (and their only breeding ground along Australia's west coast) can be found offshore of Jurien Bay, in the Jurien Bay Marine Park.

Hundreds of sea lions live in the Marine Park, on the isolated Buller and North Fisherman Islands and Essex Rocks. These islands are known as 'haul out' sites, where sea lions rest from their foraging expeditions.

Sea lions are affectionately referred to as the 'puppies of the sea', with their visible ears and large eyes often drawing comparisons to the friendly Labrador dog breed. Their cheeky personalities and playful antics also make them a crowd favourite, and present some great photo and video opportunities!

Dedicated sea lion cruises depart daily from Jurien Bay, with tours also available from Cervantes and Green Head, giving you the opportunity to get up close to Australian sea lions in their natural habitat. Sea lions can also be seen frolicking around the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, the species' northernmost breeding ground.

Sea lion watching guidelines apply and should be followed at all, including maintaining a good distance, not landing on an island occupied by sea lions, and never trying to touch them.