Ningaloo Reef is the world's largest fringing reef, and one of the longest near-shore reef systems in the world.

Stretching 300km from Carnarvon's Red Bluff to the Muiron Islands in the north and Exmouth Gulf's Bundegi Beach in the east, Ningaloo Reef is regarded as one of the world's last great ocean paradises. The UNESCO Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area was established in 2011. Encompassing the Ningaloo Marine Park, which protects the Reef and Coastal Reserves, and land-based wonders like Cape Range National Park, the area received its World Heritage Listing due to its marine and terrestrial (land) properties, such as rare flora and fauna like the whale shark - 300 to 500 of these megafauna congregate at Ningaloo each year!

The Ningaloo region of Australia's Coral Coast encompasses the towns of Carnarvon, Coral Bay and Exmouth. Ningaloo also offers great connections to other incredible parts of Western Australia, including Kennedy Range National Park (3 hours' drive east of Carnarvon), Karijini National Park (8 hours' drive east of Exmouth), and Onslow and the Mackerel Islands (4 hours' drive north of Exmouth).

Golden Cliffs Adventure with Coral Coast Helicopter Services Carnarvon


The southern gateway to Ningaloo, Carnarvon is a sub-tropical oasis positioned between the Shark Bay and Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Areas. The town is an ideal baes for day trips and overnight visits to the southern Ningaloo Reef and Gascoyne hinterland.

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Coral Bay

The small, picturesque seaside town of Coral Bay is a marine paradise for nature lovers, home to Western Australia's largest manta ray population - which you can swim with!

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The northern gateway to Ningaloo, Exmouth is all about the Reef and the Range (the breathtakingly rugged Cape Range National Park). Exmouth is the perfect location from which to explore the impressive landscape, gorges and canyons of the National Park and the underwater wonders of Ningaloo Reef.

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