Blue Holes Beach is a fish habitat area located just south of Kalbarri, with protected waters and rock pools creating a natural aquarium for marine life and safe area for kids to splash about in.

The section of coast gets its name from an inshore limestone reef system, which creates a mix of permanemently submerged and permanently exposed sections. A myriad of fish, including over 70 species of finfish, and coral can be seen swimmingl through the tranquil waters and crawling along the ocean floor, making it a popular snorkelling location. Spot dart, moon wrasse, raccoon butteryfly fish, humbugs, western rock lobster and other crustaceans such as banded hair shrimp and beds of oysters, along with 10 types of sponge and 11 species of coral.

Walk along the pristine sandy beach and examine rock pools along the shore. Swim in the sheltered waters and laze about on the soft sand. Then settle back after a rewarding investigation of the Blue Holes to see the beautiful Western Australian sunset.

Blue Holes and Kalbarri are approximately 6 hours' drive north of Perth.