Jurien Bay Oceanic Experience is an interactive marine tourism business with over 40 years of expertise navigating the magical, turquoise waters of Jurien Bay. Snorkelling with sea lions is one of the unforgettable experiences on the famous Indian Ocean Drive in Western Australia. They aim to enrich the lives of guests through a deeper understanding of marine life and raise awareness for sea lion protection and sustainable tourism.

Jurien Bay Oceanic Experience are a proud, local family business, devoted to the care of the oceans. They live and breathe the salty sea air! Their tours include Sea Lion Interactions, Fishing Charters and lobster tours, Scuba diving and Spearfishing, going the extra mile to ensure guests are comfortable, safe and exhilarated by nature.


  • Quality Tourism Accreditation
  • Sustainable Tourism Accreditation by ATIC


  • Regional Tourist/Tourism Association/Organisation
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Snorkelling
  • Adventure
  • Nature & Wildlife