Charles Knife Canyon is best seen from above.

When driving from Learmonth Airport to Exmouth town, you'll see the Cape Range but you won't fully appreciate it until you're on top of it. The Charles Knife Canyon Drive takes you along the top of the canyon, with breathatking views from either side as you wind your way up to the top of the Range. Join Ningaloo Safari Tours if you don't have a hire car so that you can see this great expanse for yourself.

Starting 21 kilometres south of Exmouth, without the build-up of other land-formations or building, the height and depths of Charles Knife Canyon's gorges are truly only appreciated by driving up them. The Canyons rises to 320m above sea level, and is 13km long and 20km wide (21km is the distance of a half marathon!).

Take this scenic journey with an all-wheel/four-wheel drive, for stunning views travelling along this part paved, part gravel road. Follow the razor-backed ridges of the Range, providing breathtaking downward views into stark multi-coloured gorges and across stunning views to the Exmouth Gulf and backwards to the Ningaloo Reef in Indian Ocean. There are several scenic lookouts along the 11-kilometre long gravel road that provide fantastic photo opportunities and a marked walking trail from the Thomas Carter lookout, looking down into Shothole Canyon.

Caution should be taken when bushwalking in the canyon areas. Please remain on existing walking trails. The best time to visit is early morning (for the sun rising over the Exmouth Gulf) or late afternoon (as the sun sets over the Reef).