19 November 2021

Australia’s Coral Coast is home to pristine coastlines and arid outback landscapes that make for the perfect opportunity to create a sense of FOMO between your friends.

Here are the top 20 most Instagrammable places to visit on your travels through Australia's Coral Coast that will elevate your feed to the likes of Kim Kardashian. Don't forget to share your posts with us while you're at all - you can find us at @australiascoralcoast, with the tags #australiascoralcoast and #coralcoasthighway.

The PinnaclesCervantes

Not only are the pinnacles bursting with shades of oranges, yellows, creams, and golds, they are one of Australia’s most unique landscapes featuring thousands limestone spires of all shapes and sizes. Envision a mars-like location that make for a stunning photo that your friends and fans will double-tap.

Horrocks BeachHorrocks

Named the #1 Mainland Beach in Tourism Australia’s Best Australian Beaches for 2018 – once you get there you’ll see why. Turquoise blue waters met with white sandy beaches and a jetty that creates a scroll stopping feature of an image.

Coalseam Conservation Park

If you’re travelling mid-July to October, you can’t miss getting a snap of the wildflowers at Coalseam Conservation Park, just 1 hour 45 mins from Perth carpets of bright pink, purple and yellow coloured wildflowers make for a photographers dream.

Friends of Australia’s Coral Coast @cjmaddock have created this Wildflower Instagram trail that has amazing tips and prime locations for that perfect Instagram shot.

You can keep up to date with what’s blooming here.

Please note that wildflowers are protected and if you are caught picking them you may risk a fine of $2000 AUD. Where possible please also avoid stepping on the flowers.

The Cactus FarmCarnarvon

With some cacti over 5 meters tall – one man’s hobby farm has now become one of the most-asked-for directions in Carnarvon. Located along the ‘Fruit Loop Trail’ you’ll be able to drop and grab some fresh bananas on your trip too.

OTC DishCarnarvon

Tick this one off your insta bucket list! Photograph next to the OTC Dish that dominates the Carnarvon skyline. The OTC Dish participated in space race and helped put man on the moon!

Blowholes at QuobbaCarnarvon

The natural phenomenon of the Blowholes is an awe-inspiring sight. Play with perception on this one as you don’t want to be close to the jets of water when they erupt metres above the coastal cliffs.

Wooramel River Retreat

Who doesn’t want to be photographed in naturally heated therapeutic artesian bore baths? This unique station campground is nestled under the majestic gum trees on the banks of Wooramel. Sit around your private campfire and time-lapse the magic of the milky way skies.

Please note you must have a booking to stay here to visit this location.

Hutt LagoonPort Gregory

The Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon) located along the Coral Coast Highway is sure to brighten up your feed.

Kalbarri Sky WalkKalbarri National Park

Overlooking the mighty Murchison River Gorge, the Kalbarri Skywalk features two new viewing points that make it that much easier to get that shot for the grid.

Natures WindowKalbarri

Lets’ face it, did you really go to Kalbarri National Park without taking a photo in front of Natures Window? This spectacular natural attraction perfectly frames the rugged upstream view of the Murchison River.

Blue HolesKalbarri

If you’re a sucker for photogenic beaches, we’ll be seeing you at the Blue Holes Beach in Kalbarri. Apart from it’s beautiful looks, Blue Holes Beach is also great for snorkelling so make sure you pack your GoPro for this one.

Shell BeachMonkey Mia

There’s only two beaches in the world with shores of shell’s and you have one right here on the Coral Coast. Change your camera setting to ‘live mode’ and hold that capture button down as the person in the photo gathers a handful of shells and throws them gracefully in the air. It’s a moment.

Meet the DolphinsMonkey Mia

Photograph the incredible moments of meeting the friendly wild dolphins of Monkey Mia at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Reserve. A daily ritual, these sociable mammals swim to the shore to interact with humans. You even get a chance to feed them!

Feeding happens daily from 7:45am to 12pm. You’ll also have to purchase a special pass to do this activity – you can purchase one here.

Francois Peron National ParkShark Bay

You may have seen visions of Francois Peron National Park in the latest season of The Bachelorette. Dramatic red cliffs, white sandy beaches and light blue waters create a colour contrast that gets the comments flowing.

Bullara Station StayExmouth

Bullara Station Stay’s Instagram moment might just rival the outdoor bath. You heard it here first! The tin bucket shower encompasses the charm of living in the outback, whilst providing a unique shot for the feed. Bathers recommended 😉

Turquoise BayExmouth

No filter needed; Turquoise Bay is an #Insta fav! Named the second best beach in the South Pacific and #6 in the world (!!) in Trip Advisor’s 2021 Travellers’ Choice Awards, Turquoise Bay is the perfect spot to show off the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo Reef. Instagramers and the likes love the partial underwater photo where you can see all the fish swimming around.

Charles Knife CanyonExmouth

The views from the top of Charles Knife Canyon are epic. You’ll need to see it to believe it. Photograph this raw beauty during a sunset and watch the golden rays beam onto the razor-backed ridges. Set up a picnic and pop your phone on self-timer for a cute pic with your bae.

Ningaloo ReefNingaloo

Strap your Go Pro on and capture some awesome underwater footage with the abundance of marine life Ningaloo Reef has to offer. Hop on a tour and take selfies (from a distance) with Whalesharks, Humpback Whales, Mantarays, Turtles and so much more!