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Top things to do in Australia’s Coral Coast

Here’s a list of top things to do in Australia’s Coral Coast region – the must-dos to help you plan your WA holiday and make the most of your visit. Whether you’re visiting for just a week or touring for a month or two – add a few or all of these to your itinerary:

Pinnacles of Nambung National Park

A visit to Australia’s Nambung National Park and the Pinnacles is a must. These amazing natural limestone structures, some standing as high as five metres, were formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago, after the sea receded and left deposits of sea shells. Over time, coastal winds removed the surrounding sand, leaving the pillars exposed to the elements.

Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef

If you’re visiting Exmouth, Coral Bay or the oceanside stations north of Carnarvon, this is an absolute must do. Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is regarded as one of the last great ocean paradises on Earth, and you can access this watery wonderland by simply stepping off the beach and into the sea. Read more about snorkelling the Ningaloo Reef.

Swim with whale sharks

Join a whale shark watching or snorkelling tour from Exmouth or Coral Bay and experience the ultimate wildlife encounter – swimming with the largest fish in world, the gentle whale shark. It’s right up there with some of the top things to do in Australia. If this is a must-do for you, you’ll need to time your Western Australia trip to coincide with their visit to the Ningaloo Reef, between mid March and mid July. Read more about swimming with whale sharks.

Meet the Monkey Mia dolphins

The friendly wild bottlenose dolphins have been swimming to Monkey Mia’s shores to interact with humans for over 45 years. They often visit up to three times a day – no wonder it’s renowned as one of the best and most reliable places for dolphin interaction in the world. Read more about the Monkey Mia dolphins.

Follow a Wildflower Trail

The wildflower trails of Australia's Coral Coast lead you through some of the WA’s most breathtaking wildflower country. Blooms can be found all year round, but displays are at their best between July and November when inland areas are blanketed in the brilliant colours of thousands of varieties. Read more about the must-do wildflower trails of Australia’s Coral Coast.

Visit the Carnarvon banana plantations

Over 180 plantations produce a staggering $46 million worth of produce every year, including over half of Western Australia's bananas. Taste the wonders of what’s affectionately known as the fruit bowl of WA! Read more about the Carnarvon banana plantations.

Have an Indigenous Experience

Australia's Coral Coast is home to much of Western Australia's Indigenous landscape. Be it Dreamtime stories, legends, Indigenous art or local culture - be immersed. Drive the Yamaji Drive Trail in Greater Geraldton and surrounds to see the sites of the Wadjari community in Mullewa, take to the tracks with Kalbarri Quad Bikes to enjoy afternoon Billy tea with Damper and stories of the Nhanda people of Kalbarri or join the night tour under the stars Malgana tribe of Gathaagudu in Shark Bay, cooking up red mullet, playing the didgeridoos and conch shell with Wula Guda Nyinda. 

Walk one our National Parks

Kalbarri National Park abounds with opportunities and is one of the most exciting and spectacular in Western Australia. Marvel at nature's ability to carve the landscape. Explore the depths and heights of the river gorges and sea cliffs and admire the floral beauty of the vast, rolling sandplains. The most popular site to visit in the park is Nature's Window. The Murchison River gorges in the Kalbarri National Park are particularly spectacular. The gorges have been carved over 400 hundred, millions years to form dramatic sandstone cliff faces.The rugged terrain and relative seclusion of the Murchison Gorge attracts thousands of visitors each year. Short walks provide moderately easy access to lookouts along the river gorge.

Journey to the Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos Islands and their surrounding coral reef communities form one of Western Australia's most unique marine areas. The Abrolhos Islands lie about 60 kilometres west of Geraldton, and consist of 122 gorgeous islands. A flight over the Abrolhos is unforgettable and a must do in the Coral Coast! Scenic flights are operated by Shine Aviation and Geraldton Air Charter - you can also see the stunning Pink Lake at Port Gregory on a flight. 

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