What's blooming along the Coral Coast

The latest updates on what's blooming along the Coral Coast to help you plan your 2023 Wildflower Getaway

From Cervantes to Exmouth, you'll witness some of Western Australia's most brilliant displays of wildflowers burst into bloom. Pass wildflower hotspots and watch the region transform into shades of pinks, golds, purples and blues.

Updated Wednesday 13 September 2023

Indian Ocean Drive

  • Lesueur National Park currently have lots of wildflowers in bloom, including smoke bush, hibbertia, banksia, hakea, calothamnus, petrofile and wattle.

Wildflower Country

  • Pom pom everlastings and pink everlastings are in bloom to the south and north of Coorow, as well as around the Mullewa area. Green snail orchids and swan river daisies have peaked and are now leaving us for the season.
  • Sticky everlastings and pom pom everlastings appear throughout Mingenew and surrounds. The spider orchids have flowered on Showground road. Check out Mingenew Hill for great views of pom pom everlastings at the lookout.
  • Hakeas, eromophilas, acacias and wattles have been spotted around the town of Carnamah, and wreath flowers are currently very prominent on Pindar-Beringarra road. There are plant lines both sides of Pindar road.
  • The famous Carnamah Bell is flowering along the path to Macpherson Homestead and across the railway line on the corner of Slater and Inja street.
  • Teninidewa is currently seeing pink everlastings, cassias (senna subsp), pom pom everlastings, and golden myriocephalus blooming.
  • Journey on the Mullewa Wildflower Trail and be greeted with snail orchids and pom pom everlastings. The Mullewa Bushland Track has snail orchids, swan river daisies, fairy/blue beard orchids, donkey orchids, drosere huegelis, fringe lilies and eremophila species sprouting.
  • Coalseam Conservation Park has pink everlastings dotted throughout the Irwin Lookout and an abundance of dioscorea hastifolias (native yam) can be found climbing through the deadfall. You'll find orchids flowering on Plateau Loop Trail, as well as candy, daddy long legs, spider and blue fairy orchids.
  • Depot Hill has thryptomene, an abundance of spider orchids, fairy/blue beard & snail orchids, drosera huegeli & drosera erythrorhiza (sundews), hibbertia, beautifully scented honey bush, broom milkwort, catspaws (early stages) and stylidium subspecies blooming. There have been a few pink everlastings spotted near the top of the incline.
  • The sand plain areas between Eneabba and Badgingarra on Brand Highway has an extensive range of wildflowers growing including acacia, grevilia and banksia. Hakea neurophlia and hakea trifurcate are in bloom on Hi Vallee road and at Lesueur National Park.


  • Acorn banksia are in bloom along White Cliffs Road to Horrocks, George Grey Drive and Ajana-Kalbarri Road, between Kalbarri National Park entrances.
  • Lots of flowers colouring the terrain with Kalbarri claw, pink poker, lamb tail and smoke bush in bloom on Ajana-Kalbarri Road between Hawks Head entrance and the Highway. If you look a little closer, you'll also be able to find blue fairy orchids here.
  • Head to Kalbarri's Skywalk and find turpentine bush (eremophila sturtii), climbing drosera (sundew) and coastal ray flowering. If you're at Meanarra Hill, expect to see broom milkwort, red claw, sandplain petrophile, and red gravillea. Dioscorea hastifolia (warrine) can be spotted at Mushroom Rock.
  • Geraldton wax are also blooming around Kalbarri Town.
  • Four Ways Trail currently have dainty blue orchids and pink candy orchids blooming.
  • Climbing fringe lillies and holly leaved tail flowers dotted throughout the national park.


  • You'll find bright coloured banksias in bloom along the North West Cape of Cape Range National Park.

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