Kennedy Range National Park

Kennedy Range National Park, Western Australia is located 150 kilometres east of Carnarvon and extends for roughly 195 kilometres in a northerly direction from near Gascoyne Junction.

If hiking or camping interest you then Kennedy Range National Park is not to be missed. A semi-developed park, it offers a wilderness-style experience and the opportunity to get back to nature while camping beneath the stars and the stark sandstone cliffs of the Kennedy Range.

One of the best times to visit the Kennedy Range is in the months after good winter rains. At such times, the usually dusty red landscape bursts into bloom with a wide variety of delicate flowers and plants blanketing the National Park's ancient valleys.

Sightseeing, photography, picnicking, bush camping, hiking and a trek to the top of the ranges can easily fill your time at Kennedy Range National Park.

There is no entry fee for the National Park. There is a bush camping area that has a single bush toilet. Water is not available in the park so be sure to bring sufficient supplies. For more information on visiting Kennedy Range National Park contact the Carnarvon Visitor Centre.

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