Jurien Bay Marine Park

The Jurien Bay Marine Park is located 200 to 300 kilometres north of Perth along the newly opened Indian Ocean Drive. It extends south from Green Head to the Southern boundary of Nambung National Park and encompasses many of the islands located in this region.

A small section of this marine park has been allocated for sanctuary zones, however a full range of marine activities such as fishing, swimming and diving are allowed in the majority of the marine park area. The marine park is in the path of whales as they migrate each year along the western coast of Australia.

As well as surrounding major sea lion and seabird breeding areas, the park contains beautiful temperate reefs populated with a unique mix of temperate and tropical plants and animals, courtesy of the warm Leeuwin current. The area is also home to extensive seagrass meadows, which are vital nursery habitats for juvenile western rock lobsters.

Visitors can see the incredible variety of marine life found in the waters off Jurien Bay's coast as well as having the opportunity to interact with seals, sea lions and dolphins - go swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving or fishing. Exploring the offshore reefs and islands in the area is another exciting option.

The Jurien Bay Marine Park was formally declared on 31st August, 2003. The marine park is entrusted to the Marine Parks and Reserves Authority and managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) in partnership with the local community. The Department of Fisheries continues to manage commercial and recreational fishing and aquaculture in the marine park in close cooperation with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW).

The town of Jurien Bay boasts a modern boat harbour, which has become the focus for the expanding aquaculture industry.

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