Port Gregory and the Pink Lake

Port Gregory lies near the mouth of the Hutt River on Western Australia’s Coral Coast. This picturesque fishing village is encircled by five kilometres of exposed coral reef. Originally developed to serve the Geraldine Leadmine, the town is now a holiday hotspot for fishing, diving and offers a range of accommodation options.

Port Gregory attractions

  • Observe the changing colours of Port Gregory’s Pink Lake. Like many of its kind in Western Australia, its pink hue is created by bacteria (Dunaliella salina), which becomes trapped in the salt granules.
  • Experience great fishing, swimming and windsurfing in the clean and protected natural harbour.
  • Visit the ruins of the historic Lynton Hiring Station, which once housed the convicts who worked on the Geraldine Mine and local pastoral stations

Hutt Lagoon - Australia's Pink Lake

Hutt Lagoon is a pink lake which boasts a pink hue created by presence of carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina, a source of ß-carotene, a food-colouring agent and source of vitamin A.

Depending on the time of day, the season (time of year) and the amount of cloud cover, the lake changes through the spectrum of red to bubble-gum pink to a lilac purple. The best time of day to visit is mid-morning or sundown.

Hutt Lagoon can be easily accessed by road along the George Grey Drive, between Geraldton and Kalbarri.

It’s also a spectacular sight as part of a scenic flight; contact Geraldton Air Charter or Shine Aviation to book this unforgettable experience.

The lagoon is about 70 square kilometres with most of it lying a few metres below sea level. It is separated from the Indian Ocean by a beach barrier ridge and barrier dune system. Similar to Lake MacLeod, 40 kilometres to the north of Carnarvon, Hutt Lagoon is fed by marine waters through springs.

Port Gregory accommodation

For further information about Port Gregory accommodation, tours and the local attractions of Western Australia’s Coral Coast, visit the Northampton Visitor Centre website or call +61 8 9934 1488.

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