With tales of murderous mutiny, the Batavia Shipwreck off the coast of Geraldton is one of Western Australia's best-known historic dive sites.

The ship lies in four to six metres of clear Indian Ocean making it an excellent dive spot for people of all diving abilities.

You will see the outline of the hull which is still equipped with cannons and anchors in a stark reminder of the gruesome tale which has now become part of Australian maritime folklore.

A dive tour to the site tells the fascinating history of this Dutch ship which was wrecked on Morning Reef in the Abrolhos Islands in 1629.

Dozens drowned while survivors including 125 men, women and children were then murdered by the mutineers.

Dive and charter tours can be arranged from Geraldton to the Abrolhos Islands, flights can be arranged from the Geraldton Visitor Centre for flyover, half or full-day flights.


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