Jurien Bay Oceanic Experience is an interactive marine tourism business with over 40 years of expertise navigating the magical, turquoise waters of Jurien Bay. Snorkelling with sea lions is one of the unforgettable experiences on the famous Indian Ocean Drive in Western Australia. We aim to enrich the lives of our guests through a deeper understanding of marine life and the ocean environment that leaves us in awe.

We are a proud, local family business, devoted to the care of our oceans. We live and breathe the salty sea air! Our Jurien Bay Tours include Sea Lion Interactions, Fishing Charters and Rock Lobster Catch, Cook & Keep expeditions. We go the extra mile to ensure our guests are comfortable, safe and exhilarated by nature.

Sea Lion Tours

Meet the friendly colony of rare Australian Sea Lions sheltered in their natural habitat just off-shore at Essex Rocks in the Jurien Bay Marine Park. We’re committed to the safety of our guests and include a qualified guide in the water at all times to share expert insights in Sea Lion behaviour, ensuring a quality, sustainable interactive marine experience.

Lobster Tours

Known colloquially in Western Australia as ‘crays’, the Western Rock Lobster is highly desired as WA’s largest and most valuable fishing export. Our skipper has fished for Rock Lobster in the waters of Jurien Bay for over 20 years. Learn first-hand the intimate workings of the lobster fishing industry, how to pull a pot and even better, tips to cooking the perfect cray.

Fishing Charters

Jurien Bay offers great access to some superb offshore fishing. Every fisho knows the value of local knowledge to put you on the spot. Lucky for you, our team has over 40 years of experience fishing deep blue off Jurien Bay. Renowned for Baldchin Groper, big Pink Snapper and the mighty WA Dhu Fish, the thrill of the catch awaits on an epic day out with our crew.

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