The Wanamalu Trail stretches for 1.5 kilometres along the cliff edge between Cape Peron and Skipjack Point and is a walk that provides excellent views of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area's coastline.

Interpretive signs along the trail provide an introduction to the features of the area and two viewing platforms at Skipjack Point provide striking coastal views and the opportunity to view Shark Bay’s abundant marine life including dugong, fish (including Skipjack, Mackerel, Tuna), manta rays, lemon sharks and dolphins.

The Point is home to a colony of Cormorant birds which can be seen from the viewing platform. Picnic shelters are located at the walk's start point - various reptiles are often spotted here including Thorny Devil lizards and Bungarra (Sand monitor goanna).

Skipjack Point requires 4WD vehicle access. It is the most northern tip of the cape in Francois Peron National Park which is from the Monkey Mia Road, about four kilometres east of Denham.